Buffalo Wings & Rings

Interior Architecture- Small Scale (<5,000 sf)

Project Narrative

Aiming to differentiate itself from competitors within a saturated market, Buffalo Wings & Rings tasked our design team with envisioning a branded expression and environment that is inviting and approachable and inviting to families, friends, and guests of all ages. The rebrand began with the exterior architecture of the Buffalo Wings & Rings stores. A mix of articulated brick, celebrated glazing, bold orange color, embedded signage, and sports-inspired line work are all standout characteristics of the chain’s latest design concept. Wanting to create seamless, VIP access for all, the team designed a valet pick-up area where customers can place and pick up their orders without having to leave their vehicles for the ultimate to-go experience.

Inside, the design team created a warm and playful atmosphere for all wing fanatics. From high-top bar seating to booth and table seating, each table is positioned for easy TV viewing access for televised sporting events. For guests looking to stay entertained while waiting or buy some time with the kids, a variety of analog games and old-school arcade games are included for supplemental entertainment while parents socialize. Similar to the sports-inspired graphics on the exterior of the building, the interior concept includes a variety of graphics that emphasize the very familiar roots of the sports bar. Additionally, situated on the back wall near the restrooms, a list of local sporting and social events can be found for those planning to view upcoming games at the restaurant.


Project Details

Submission Category

Interior Architecture- Small Scale (<5,000 sf)

Date of Completion

March, 2021