Charge Bike Shop

Interior Architecture- Small Scale (<5,000 sf)

Project Narrative

Charge Bike Shop is a cafe and bike shop located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The design for this store was influenced by the youthful energy of children learning to ride bikes. This evolved into the idea of energy, specifically the energy circuit. The interior works as a circuit in itself, circulating through three 'nodes': Recycle (bike repairs), Retail (product displays), and Recharge (cafe, e-bike charging station). Each part of the circuit is connected through orange clad beams- the form of which are based on the pre-existing exposed beams. These energy beams appear to be circulating through the space through a center product display that mimics the real life form of the circuit connector. All parts of the space are highlighted by energetic orange, creating a dynamic consumer space.


Project Details

Submission Category

Interior Architecture- Small Scale (<5,000 sf)

Date of Completion

January, 2022