Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Experiential Graphics- Large scale (environments or systems)

Project Narrative

Our firm was hired to create a branded identity for the newly renovated Children’s Services area at The Cincinnati Association for the Blind. Working collaboratively with the client, GBBN as the architect, and various local artists, we utilized environmental graphic design to tie together the renovated spaces and visually communicate CABVI’s mission. Drawing upon the lived experience of blind and visually impaired individuals, the goal was to create a space that would communicate these experiences to all users. In the waiting area, we created a tactile art piece with objects from Kenneth Hayden’s collage art extruded onto moveable magnetic pieces for users to create their own composition. These pieces bring the artwork to life by using various textures so that sighted and non-sighted individuals alike could experience the space. The designers at GBBN created a colorful “bongo wall” of variable height drums. Understanding this as a focal element, we worked with the designers to create an identity wall at this waystation utilizing descriptive graphics to communicate the organization’s services. Finally, we used acoustic wall panels in the multipurpose rooms as an opportunity to bring imagery of the seasons into the space, bringing identity to each room. These design elements were the result of the design team’s empathy for the users of the space, the collaborative participation of everyone working on the project, and a keen attention to detail. This process created public spaces that are welcoming and meaningful for all who enter.


Project Details

Submission Category

Experiential Graphics- Large scale (environments or systems)

Date of Completion

August, 2020