Community Circuit

Interior Architecture- Large Scale (>5,000 sf)

Project Narrative

The Cincinnati Public Library acts as a vault of knowledge, waiting to be explored by those who use it. Since it was founded, it has acted as its own community. Now, in order to build for the next generation of users, The Cincinnati Public Library will need to become a library for everyone that can meet all users needs. The goals of this project are to design meaningful, flexible, innovative spaces fit for teens and tweens. The library will be an art and tech hub for these age groups to learn, create, and collaborate. The new proposed zoning opens up the first floor to not just children but the whole community, creating a relationship between the street, outdoor space, and interior. The second floor is then activated into a creative’s dream. Three core design drivers shaped the overall space: turning a page in a book, circuits, and unique displays of art. Using the idea of a book comes from the program of the entire library. It references the freedom of knowledge and information that the library provides for the public. Using the imagery of folding and the turning to a page, unique gathering spaces and small alcoves can be created which offer flexible programs to meet all user needs. With the introduction of technology, it is important to also update the interior to match the impressiveness of the library’s resources. The idea of a circuit outlines the use of the new spaces to create wayfinding which can also naturally divide the space. Lastly, it is important to create flexible forms of displays so different types of art (2D, 3D, live performances, and projections) can all be exhibited within the space at the same time, to encourage innovation. Overall, our concept is to create a space that invokes innovation and collaboration, and promotes learning and interaction in all those who use it. This design creates a community for the next generation of CPL users.


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Interior Architecture- Large Scale (>5,000 sf)

Date of Completion

December, 2021

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