Contemporary Tea Garden

Interior Architecture- Small Scale (<5,000 sf)

Project Narrative

This design develops a fractal spatial system to create an overall design that combines traditional ideas of the third place with contemporary concepts of incubator and think tank space concepts. The fractal used in this design is one unit of a wave of sand. The fractal inspired design create patterns, impression, and solid forms that shape pockets in the interior space. This then allows for spatial flexibility.
Fractals are proven to be calming and relaxing due to self-similarity, repetition, infinity, scaling, as well as familiarity. This developed into taking inspiration from the calming impact of Japanese Tea houses and Zen gardens and their natural elements that were possibly the first forms of third place. These Tea gardens were designed to have a large public arena combined with a small private spaces to accommodate various modes of activities.
This will have a positive impact on the space and its function as the need for a calming yet functional space would be necessary for the variety of activities. Additional soothing aspects will help productivity and encourage return to the space. Our client, NEXUS, wants to build a community that will encourage collaboration and innovation. This contemporary design is successful in that sense because it is a creative solution to such a complex issue. This soft curves and intricate detailing make the space one that revolutionizes how art, presentation, and casual interaction is encourage. The design implements concepts that will subtly bring users to a calming place that will allow them to reach their maximum potential within the community


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Interior Architecture- Small Scale (<5,000 sf)

Date of Completion

October, 2021

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