Dover High School

Building Architecture- Large Scale (>10,000 sf)

Project Narrative

Dover High School delivers an open, flexible and accessible environment with something for every student. Built on the site of the existing 1915 high school, the design navigates the challenging portions of the available site and responds with innovative ways to connect the students to each other, and to the community beyond. The three-story design creates a compact footprint and brings everyone into the school at the mid-level, enabling greater accessibility to every space. The sunken courtyard delivers enhanced daylight and greater indoor/outdoor connections.

The openness of the building is exemplified in the centrally located commons that connects to every major component of the new school: the media center, academic wings, fine arts and athletics. Situated between the theater and gymnasium, the commons serves as a pre-function space for both. During the day it also serves as a student dining and gathering space along with the connected courtyard. Learning stairs on either end support enhanced interactive learning throughout the school day.

The 1,800-seat competition gymnasium accommodates several practice courts and an indoor track that serves the community after school hours. The 1,200-seat auditorium supports the school’s strong performing arts program while the balcony provides flexibility for large group lectures.


Project Details

Submission Category

Building Architecture- Large Scale (>10,000 sf)

Date of Completion

March, 2020

Project Cost


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Project Team

Urban Planner

Jeffrey Sackenheim - Principal in Charge & Project Manager

Landscape Architect

Gregor Lewis - Designer


Jeff Parker - Educational Visioning

Interior Designer

Brian Lutz - Project Architect

Environmental Designer

Katy Goettl - Interior Designer


Additional SHP Team Members: Allison McKenzie - Sustainability; Ed Melvin - Landscape Architecture; Loren Schmelzer - Construction Administration. OUTSIDE CONSULTANTS: MEP/T - KLH Engineers; Structural - SMBH; Civil - Sands Decker; Acoustical Consultant - HMBA


Hammond Construction