Fifth Third Private Bank – Montgomery

Experiential Graphics- Small Scale (features or elements)

Project Narrative

An integrated design process to create a high-end experience—precisely what Fifth Third’s Private Bank needed to solidify its relocation.
Fifth Third Bank partnered with us to design their new Private Bank in Montgomery, OH—a shift from their downtown location to provide a convenient destination for their high-net-worth wealth clients. Their customers were a driving force in the joint decision to create a sophisticated and comfortable experience with tailored details you may not find in typical banking environments. Upon entry, clients are enveloped in polished details like leather furniture, champagne finishes, and engaging storytelling through experiential graphic design (EGD) that celebrates locality and luxury.
Artwork from Cincinnati artists was hand-selected through a curation process led by our team. Each piece tells a meaningful story about Fifth Third’s rich history and inclusive path forward. EGD celebrates the historic roots of Montgomery and Fifth Third Bank’s beautiful legacy in Cincinnati. Walnut wood lines the walls and ceiling’s architecture while also finding its way into unique EGD moments such as the dimensional wall. The wall is engraved with currency notes as a nod to financial responsibility and beauty in natural elements expressed as art while speaking to Fifth Third Bank’s core values of OneBank and community.
The commons—used for employee recharge and client entertainment—features an EGD installation highlighting historic sites throughout Montgomery. This emphasis on establishment and locality is continued throughout the space, uniting the EGD, interior millwork, and hardware finishes to ensure the entire experience sings as one.
Our integrated design process with Fifth Third Bank created a custom experience celebrating local tradition and modern banking. Graphics, materials, and finishes work together to elevate the space and convey core values and brand identity in a fresh, comfortable, and contemporary environment.


Project Details

Submission Category

Experiential Graphics- Small Scale (features or elements)

Date of Completion

August, 2022