Industrial Symbiome

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Project Narrative

'Industrial Symbiome' is a project that merges an industrial space into a self-sustaining pavilion. The main objective given to us was to find local and regional relationships between the ecological, social, and cultural dynamics while identifying contextual gaps such as access to resources, climatic change threat, and exposure to pollution that may hinder its interaction. The current project targets vacant sites or parking areas adjacent to the abandoned underground tunnel in Cincinnati.

Science behind the project is to generate energy from waste; the process starts with fetching the sludge and wastewater from the treatment plant and bringing it to the project site via the existing abandoned underground tunnel. On the site, following an anaerobic digestion process, electricity can be produced, which can fuel the pavilion and, in addition to that, also supply electricity to the neighborhood. This project also features an underground Phyto-lab, which will purify this wastewater and supply nearby households that can be used for non-potable purposes.

The site hosts several "boxes" that can be used by the public. Each box has a landscape identity, which builds a character to draw the community. Further, the site has two green roofs which will catch rainwater that can be supplied to the Phyto-lab. The industrial structure is a double-layered frame that allows one to explore the space while informing them.

The proposed design aims to replicate an "Industrial Symbiome" in other neighborhoods providing energy or water. Art behind the project is creating a landscape that complements this industrial space while educating people about the process.


Project Details

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Landscape Architecture & Community Planning - Planning & Analysis Projects

Date of Completion

April, 2022