Let The River in

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Project Narrative

The site given to us is a 23-acre land across the Ohio river, situated in Covington, Kentucky. Studying the neighborhood we are surrounded by some prominent buildings on the periphery of the given site
Adjacent buildings that our site design takes into consideration. The historical mother of god church, High rise towers, and a row of historical single homes are part of a larger city context. It was very crucial for us to understand the adjacent fabric near the site with respect to the placement of these important buildings, the city grid, the distribution of public spaces, and the important business centers.
In the proposed design project for the given site, we wanted the Ohio river to establish the fabric of the proposed neighborhood.
The intention is not to make the new development hinder the connection and interaction of the surrounding buildings with the Ohio river. We extended the existing streets grid and gave it direct access to the riverfront. We wanted to preserve the existing historic context, and not block the city views or interaction with the river.
The development is weaved within the existing city grid, and then emerges at the riverfront in juxtaposition with the City of Cincinnati skyline across the river.
We are inviting the river into the city, and in turn, the city is extending toward the riverfront.
The decision of minimizing motorists' circulation in the site into two separate loops, and prioritizing pedestrian traffic within the site. Existing main streets now have access to the riverfront; the street turns into a port that extends and then submerges into the river water. We then proceeded to carve out nodes; strategically arranging public and green spaces
our design is constructed to be mutative and to be flexible to house functions at different times. The curved peals are designed to appear to emerge from the ground. They are similar in visual character with varying widths providing freedom to house dynamic/ evolving functions.


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Landscape Architecture & Community Planning - Planning & Analysis Projects

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August, 2021

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