Nautical House

Building Architecture- Large Scale (>10,000 sf)

Project Narrative

As the foundation of the project's concept, the riverboat inhibits a rich presence and history on the Ohio River. The project is located on the Ohio River in Bellevue, Kentucky as it overlooks the great Cincinnati Skyline. The primary elements utilized for inspiration are the layering of decks, the spiral of the paddle wheel, and the elegant posture of the riverboat.

The massing evolved into three buildings to withhold an appropriate amount of units while providing a surplus of amenity space. Townhouses are located on the first and second floors of the exterior buildings to incorporate more of a community feel while offering a variety of living experiences. Apartments on proceeding levels are distributed throughout to follow with this variety of living experiences and exterior deck sizes for the different apartment types. The units range from Micro-apartment, studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and townhouse.

The structure holds a direct relationship to the site as the first floor steps down along the existing terrain with minor changes to the topography. The landscape and pedestrian path encourage movement, flow, and experience throughout the site as it also stretches into the river playing as a pier for potential riverboat access.

This housing community exemplifies the elegance and experience of a riverboat on the Ohio River as it also compliments the history of Cincinnati.


Project Details

Submission Category

Building Architecture- Large Scale (>10,000 sf)

Date of Completion

April, 2022