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Herrenberg Infopoint | Radial

Infopoint design proposal for the German town of Herrenberg, fusing human interaction with the natural environment. To go beyond creation of an Infopoint, we aim to reimagine how people and nature foster stronger connection through our Infopoint. The Infopoint brings together the local community, farmers sell fresh produce, and families able to recharge after an outing. The intent is not to take away from the natural environment, but to build upon it and with it. Our design intent is based on the principles of complexity and functionality of layering spaces, bringing together users in multifaceted contexts. The design imbues qualities of sustainable material, juxtaposing lightness and density between earthen clay and wood lumber. The materiality and construction allow for play between light and shadow, the structures appearance transforming respectively upon lighting conditions. Inspired by the rammed earth constructions of Martin Rauch, the Infopoint serves as a true extension of the natural earthen ground. The wood structure is held in place by a clamp construction in the middle ring, detailing the wooden cross brace above. The project, a partnership with the construction head of Herrenberg, demonstrates design providing for ease of construction for the city of Herrenberg. Functionally the Infopoint services three primary stations, an e-bike charging station, locker storage, and market for seasonal and local offerings. The malleable rammed clay allows for functional change to address alternate future needs. The project takes place at the intersection of a bus station, parking lot, and entrance to a local restaurant.


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Landscape Architecture & Community Planning - Planning & Analysis Projects

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December, 2021

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