The Quarry, Covington KY

Landscape Architecture & Community Planning – Implementation

Project Narrative

“The Quarry” is an urban fabric concept located in Covington, Kentucky along the Ohio River. This forty-four acre site blends the local historic neighborhood into the riverfront while creating a new district for living and leisure. The design incorporates the ecology and geology of the region to create an intimate atmosphere for the community and connect them back with nature. This plan resembles the grandeur of nearby limestone quarries and consists of fifty-four masonry buildings emerging from the ground and scattered across the site. The ground plane is a series of fifteen terraces that mimic the function of the nearby levee. This elevation strategy enables the bottom of the site to flood and to allow water runoff to flow into the river. Furthermore, a network of constructed wetlands and cisterns improve water management during surges. Four roads cut through the site and connect it to the existing city network. However, automobile traffic is de-emphasized in favor of an abundance of pedestrian walkways and plazas. These walkable spaces are designed intentionally to avoid straight lines through the site in order to create pockets of activity and a meandering experience for people. Zoning is triangulated among the corners of the site along 4th Street with the riverfront property. The highest percentage of residential properties are located beside the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge while the business sector originates from the corner of 4th and Madison. Structures along the river are permeable pavilions intended to host seasonal gatherings, farmers markets, and musical events. The central corridor serves to introduce users to the site via a grand staircase and moves them through a series of mixed-use commercial businesses. Overall, the design is intended to serve the local community while giving them several celebrated spaces incorporated into a nature-infused experience.


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Landscape Architecture & Community Planning – Implementation

Date of Completion

August, 2021

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