The Reakirt Building

Building Architecture- Large Scale (>10,000 sf)

Project Narrative

The Reakirt Building is a prominent historic high rise on E. Sixth Street in the heart of Cincinnati’s Central Business District. Designed in the Chicago Commercial Style, the building has a concrete structure allowing for large steel sash windows that provide reaching views of the city.
The project adaptively reuses the 1925 office building by converting the existing office suites into 52 unique apartment units with ample natural light, a ‘Sky Terrace’ resident amenity space, and a ground floor restaurant space. The units range from 320-square-feet to 705-square-feet and include high-end design elements with convenient features, such as in-unit washer/dryers, to meet the downtown market demands.
Prior to completion of the renovations, our firm led the efforts to designate the building as a local landmark and have it listed on the National Register of Historic places. The project also secured State and Federal Historic Tax Credits. The building had several character defining features, some evident from the surface and some buried under years of insensitive renovations. The industrial sized steel sash windows and barrel vault were restored and are now prominent features. With careful planning, we were able to express the concrete structure throughout the common spaces and dwelling units, staying true to the historic design intent of the building.
The renovation was completed during the winter of 2019 and activated one of the last vacant buildings along this block of 6th Street.

Speciality Awards

Historic Preservation

The Reakirt Building has several defining features, including the large steel sash windows, cornice, barrel vault entry, and expressed concrete structure. Many of the steel sash windows were covered or altered in previous renovations. The windows on the front elevation were restored and refinished. The side and rear windows required significantly more attention and needed to be replaced with replica windows. Over several months, we worked diligently with the State Historic Preservation Office to replicate the windows and meet the Secretary of Interior Standards. The windows were designed to match the historic configuration, profiles, and proportions, while maintaining operability.

Project Details

Submission Category

Building Architecture- Large Scale (>10,000 sf)

Date of Completion

December, 2019

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