SAMPLE Entry Submission Form

Choose the award category for which you’d like your project to be considered:

In 1600 characters, including spaces (approximately 280 words), please describe your project. This may be the only narrative context the jury has, so please be sure to emphasize what is important:

If you believe your project exemplifies any of the categories below, please check the box and explain why in 700 characters, including spaces (approximately 120 words). Your project may be eligible for additional honors, to be bestowed by the jury at their discretion. Awards may be given in any, all, or none of the following:

More than ever, we hope that our roles as project designers impact our communities beyond simply fulfilling immediate programmatic needs. If you think that your project has far-reaching impacts into the community above and beyond the norm, please explain:

Preservation of our places, spaces, and communities is paramount, both to preserve and celebrate our collective identities, and as a bedrock of sustainability. If your project team went above and beyond to preserve elements of cultural or historic significance, please explain how:

While most projects are interdisciplinary in nature, this award honors projects that illustrate an exemplary amount of detail and seamless coordination between different design disciplines. For this aware, the project should show that the work of individual design disciplines not only fit into the parti of the entire project, but each discipline enhanced and elevated the other’s work, so that the project on the whole became more successful. If you think your project exemplifies this, please explain why, and include the different disciplines that came together to achieve this:

Every project is an innovative solution to a project prompt. However, some projects provide opportunities to dig deeper and come up with never before seen solutions, products, and materials. If your project Represents such an opportunity for cutting-edge research, methods, or performance, whether Built or just conceptual, please explain how:

Please upload up to 15 images that best illustrate your design and its effects. Please mark the 5 images that you’d like to be part of the dinner show. Images must be uploaded as .JPG, .JPEG, or .PNG and not exceed 2MB.