2019 Winner – Experimental Graphics

Project Narrative

84.51º is a data science company that transforms collected customer data into personalized marketing strategies. We wanted to tell this abstract story using a series of experiential features that would help audiences understand what 84.51º does and why it matters.

Our solution was to design a series of features that build off each other as audiences flow through the building. Starting in the street level lobby, a long lenticular wall reveals a series of images as visitors walk past. On the lobby floor, an interactive trail of colorful “digital dust” follows each visitor to represent the real digital data customers release every day. Making use of a captive audience in the elevators, the colorful icons and shapes from the lobby deliver key data points – a little foreshadowing of the experience on the 9th floor. Finally, the sky lobby reveals our main feature, a two-story mobile sculpture composed of over 300 brand-colored, pieces of data. At first glance, the installation simply appears to be abstract pieces of data but, two distinct locations–representing 84.51º’s insight–reveal specific messages: LOYALTY from the 9th-floor, and CUSTOMER 1ST from the 8th-floor.


Project Details