859 | 4 Residences

Building Architecture- Large Scale (>10,000 sf)

Project Narrative

The site for the project is located on the riverfront in Newport, Kentucky, with a main view of downtown Cincinnati. 859|4 residences is a connection between Newport and the riverfront in Kentucky. The project is aiming to tie together the riverfront, residents of Newport, Kentucky, and a tranquil lifestyle.
The project included designing a multifamily housing complex that contained 100 units, vehicular and bicycle parking, service spaces, and communal spaces such as kitchens, leisure spaces, mail rooms, gardens, and a fitness center. The intent of the project was also to engage the riverfront and connect the complex to the city of Newport, Kentucky. Moreover, the units in the complex needed to include micro studio units of 425 SF, studio units of 600 SF, 1-bedroom units of 900 SF, 2-bedroom units of 1,200 SF, and 3-bedroom units of 1,500 SF.
Strategies used when planning the organization that contributed to our unique massing form were to place a majority of units towards the riverfront, in order to allow them to have side windows facing the water. Amenities such as the gym are more hidden to allow for privacy. Public spaces are focused toward the water to allow for nice views while gathering. In order to engage people more with the riverfront, we wanted to keep all spaces on the ground floor as communal or leisure spaces.

8595 residences is a multifamily complex that hopes to integrate the riverfront of Kentucky with the people living in the space, as well as engaging the residents with the town of Newport. We first created 4 blocks that were aligned like a barcode and perpendicular to the waterfront. These blocks were then subtracted from creating a stacked like mass that either went up or down depending on which site of the complex you are at. These mirroring block masses created an almost organic form out of the entire site.
Another element of the design is the double-height windows to allow for better views and as much light into the space as possible. To prevent some of the spaces from overheating, we have a screening element that contrasts the form of the building. A large grand stair connects each level inside the outermost buildings, bringing light and people together into the entire structure with one design move. A large contrasting staircase mimics the interior stair on the outside allowing for the same move to be made by pedestrians outside.
Outdoor green roofs, balconies, and two story green atriums within the building and the main level bring people and nature together throughout the entire project.


Project Details

Submission Category

Building Architecture- Large Scale (>10,000 sf)

Date of Completion

January, 2022