8th Street Design District

2019 Winner – Experimental Graphics

Project Narrative

8th Street Design District

Within the last 15 years, some of Cincinnati’s professional design and creative firms gravitated towards locating along East 8th Street in Downtown Cincinnati. Consensus building with the District designers helped define an overall strategy, branding this area as the “8th Street Design District”.

The 8th Street Design District project goal was to visually highlight the corridor. Components of the project included creating a Gateway at the entrance into the district on the corner of 8th and Broadway, Signage Totems alternating along 8th from Broadway to Walnut, “8” configured Bike Racks installed along the corridor and the refurbishing of the circular benches in the plaza area across from the Gateway.

The triangular Gateway Pylon is painted with a graduation from red to orange, with a subtle “painted stroke” wrapping up the pylon; a stainless steel “8” tops the pylon and is visible entering the district. The Pylon rests in an elongated concrete triangle sandblasted with an “8”. The thin Signage Totems reinforce the “8” and “Design”, utilizing the brand colors; additionally, the benches and bike racks stand out with the bright red-orange color.

The 8th Street Design District continues to grow, contributing towards defining the character of the District as a recognized place in Downtown Cincinnati.


Project Details