Amsterdam 4IR District Plan

2019 Winner – Landscape Architecture

Project Narrative

The project vision is to create an innovative airport city that attracts members of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and serves as a model for cities of the future. The 600-hectare parcel is located adjacent to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, robust multi-modal transportation networks, and near historic Amsterdam. It is situated at the convergence of three strong form-giving patterns: radial/concentric (old city); vectors (airport); and an orthogonal grid (polder fields). These patterns are culturally and historically significant and provide opportunities to integrate the new development with established development patterns.

Interconnected, “smart,” and sustainable, the new development creates a global village of districts around a central green. The concept includes a water nucleus and green spine connecting a new airport terminal, the new development, neighboring community and historic Amsterdam.

Relying on multi-modal transit connections and phasing out personal vehicles is a foundational tenet guiding land use. The development anticipates a transition from car-lite to car-free and accommodates this with the introduction of transit hubs and an adaptable podium where vehicle storage can be later outfitted for other uses. “Green Fingers” extend from the existing regional open space network into the new development, creating prominent civic spaces and recreation opportunities.


Project Details