Brewing Heritage Trail

2019 Winner – Experimental Graphics

Project Narrative

The Brewing Heritage Trail is an urban trail system that celebrates Cincinnati’s brewing heritage and creates a positive, marketable image for the city. The approximately two-mile trail follows streets through the central business district, Pendleton, and Over-the-Rhine neighborhoods, allowing visitors the ability to experience the trail through both physical and virtual installations. Cincinnati’s unrivaled collection of brewing architecture and its associated cultural resources draw national attention to Over-the-Rhine, one of America’s most historically significant neighborhoods, and will allow the region to benefit from its most under-appreciated asset; it’s history.

Elements of the design are iconic to the brewing industry and the materiality is representative of the surrounding environment. Everything down to the logomark and typography was inspired by malts, hops, barrels, light and dark shades of beer, craft, precision, and other brewing attributes.

A combination of signage and wayfinding, public art installations and guided tours tie the entire experience together to create a vibrant, energetic platform that helps tell Cincinnati’s brewing story. Central to the experience will be a website and corresponding app that will use augmented reality technology to share stories, photos and other visualizations of how the district has changed overtime.
The Trail will contribute tremendous economic value to Cincinnati and the Tri-state through tourism, preservation, and education.


Project Details