Casa del Bosque

2020 Winner – Building Architecture

Project Narrative

A house is a spatial manifestation of the comfort and warmth of family. It should provide an escape from the day to day; delivering the resident to a state of mind which no other space in the world can.

Inspired by the client’s strong memories of hikes throughout the site, the house manifests itself through a composition of heavy cast masses and intertwined sheltering eaves. The earthly masses dominate the circulation through the house, providing moments of privacy to contrast the airy extensions which reach out to the surrounding landscape on the spaces dedicated to pause.

Spatial sequencing was thoroughly crafted, from the automobile approach, through the compressing and decompressing spaces in the house. Slightly circuitous routes allow for the mental immersion of the users to regress into a contemplative and calm state.

The interior portions of the house seek to dissolve seamlessly into the exterior through an organic and unifying material palette. The natural wooden screen envelope serves as a shading device that echoes the rhythm of the trees surrounding the site and demarks the cradled space of the home.

The bedrooms are arranged in a way that maximizes guest privacy while embracing views out to the surrounding paisaje. The layout reflects the democratic conception of the modern family, offering equality to all members.

Nestled deeply within the Dominican forest, Casa del Bosque’s natural palette will gradually meld with its lush surroundings, heightening its offering to the family. Retreat and comfort. Retiro y comodidad.


Project Details

Project Team


Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

Date of Completion



Private Residence

Design Firm(s)

Design Team:Luis Sabater, Alex Gormley, Jason Wu
Engineering:Constructora Marte y Castillo
Landscape:Massiel Mejía Arquitectura de Paisaje
Consultants:Logic Net DR
Construction Administration:Juan Manuel Cuevas
Equipment And Decoration:Samantha Aseret (SB Interiors)

Project Team

Luis Sabater Musa and Alex Gormley


Luis Sabater Musa