Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame & Museum

2020 Winner – Experimental Graphics

Project Narrative

We partnered with the Reds to renovate their Hall of Fame (HOF) and Museum during the year of their 150th anniversary. The renovation transformed over 15,000 SF of space making this the largest team HOF in MLB. The previous HOF, first opened in 2005, needed a more engaging visitor experience. The new space offers a modern-day interpretation of the Reds’ historical journey as baseball’s first professional team. We rearranged the museum’s collection in a progressive order and enhanced the experience by incorporating environmental graphics, adding artifacts, and integrating touchscreen technology and more opportunities for guest engagement. There are six unique galleries that highlight different aspects of the team’s history and house over 7,000 team artifacts. The exclusive 1869 Room is dedicated to the team’s 150th anniversary, followed by a timeline room that allows visitors to chronologically follow both the team, and players, milestones throughout history. There are plenty of opportunities to get hands-on, including the Fox Sports Broadcasting Booth and a digital baseball card station where visitors can create their own personalized card. One of the most engaging aspects of the reimagined experience is the iconic 360˚ cinema and plaque room. Guest-operated, the space shares the legendary stories of each Reds HOF inductee. Culminating the Museum experience is the Champions Room, celebrating the team’s five World Series Championships, with amplified floor-to-ceiling media, curated memorabilia, and a flexible event bar. The renovations give fans a special space to celebrate their team’s 150th anniversary. The refresh is estimated to increase the museums attendance by 15%.


Project Details