Cincinnati Union Terminal – Building Architecture

2020 Winner – Building Architecture

Project Narrative

The first comprehensive restoration in Union Terminal’s 85-year history revitalizes a community icon and National Historic Landmark for future generations.

In restoring Union Terminal back to its original 1933 condition, some of the most important work we did is invisible to the public, yet it ensures the health and longevity of this beloved institution. Limestone and brick facades of the building were comprehensively cleaned and repointed with mortar matching the original mix; damaged stones were removed, the steel behind was stripped of rust and repainted, and the stone re-installed.

The Losantiville dining room, once Union Terminal’s main lunch room, has been completely restored and re-opened for public dining once again. New terrazzo matches and complements the original remaining floor and the geometry depicts the long-lost serpentine counter that once graced the room.

The new mezzanine lobby was carved out of former gallery space to create more public spaces and points of access to galleries and classrooms. Hints of the building’s history have been exposed (such as the 1930s parking garage’s numbered columns) to remind visitors of the building’s unique past.

The Fountain, located on the main plaza, is actually a roof over museum spaces below. All finishes on the plaza were removed, including the entire fountain, down to the structural deck so that it could be re-waterproofed. The fountain was rebuilt in its original configuration and the original stones put back in place. The new fountain finish is rustic terrazzo which matches the look and feel of the original 1


Project Details