Cincinnatus Mural Plaza, “From Rome to Cincinnati”

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Project Narrative

This plaza brings the existing illusionary mural to life by utilizing “forced perspective” and replica site details depicted. A living green wall and pergola at angles and narrowing granite bands will exaggerate depth perception.

Rome to Cincinnati “bas relief” panels:
• Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus – Legendary Roman general who saved Rome, refused to be named “Caesar” in reward and returned to his meager farm. A timeless story of unselfish public service.
• Society of the Cincinnati – Early American and European roots of the Society.
• George Washington and Generals – “Members Society of the Cincinnati”. All 100+ revolutionaries were members. General Arthur St. Clair renamed Losantiville “Cincinnati”.
• The Cincinnatus Association – Exists today and provides public service.

• Italian tile mural in “faux pool”.
• Pergola with grape vines will evoke ancient Rome. Solar PV panels provide energy.
• Storm water is captured in cisterns under the “Illusionary Pool” and will irrigate arbor and green wall.
• Bas Relief history panels are set into green wall. A digital board provides outdoor education.
• Etched on granite are names of unselfish public service heroes, Cincinnati’s “Hollywood Stars Walk”.
• “Faux Cauldron” with “flames”, lit by LED uplights.
• The world’s first organ – a Hydraulis – invented by Ctesibius of Alexandria during the 3rd Century BC during the Roman Empire and Cincinnatus’s life. A contemporary hydraulis will be created as a participatory musical instrument. It is enclosed and covered by a Roman-style shelter.

The Kroger – Cincinnatus


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Landscape Architecture & Community Planning - Planning & Analysis Projects

Date of Completion

October, 2021