City of Blue Ash Towne Square Renovation

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Project Narrative

Faced with an outdated, disjointed, and underutilized public space in the heart of their community, the City of Blue Ash envisions a complete overhaul and redesign of their Towne Square. Energized by the opportunity to redefine the functionality and purpose of the park, the project focuses on creating an exciting, amenity-rich experience for daily users and the community. Dubbed the “365 Day” park by leaders, a strong vision focuses on delivering a vibrant “hub” for residents and business owners that will attract patrons of all ages and demographics throughout the year, providing a variety of activities for all.

Located in the city’s central business district, the reinvented park will drive energy and excitement into the historic heart of Blue Ash. Designed to minimize topographical challenges and provide accessibility to all, the park will be anchored by a large, gently sloping Civic Lawn, providing green space for recreation and community gathering. A linear, reimagined Bicentennial Veterans Memorial walkthrough features a history timeline where young and old can come together to remember and honor past sacrifices. Open areas, water features, and non-traditional play elements allow kids of all ages to tap into their sense of discovery and creativity. A central Pavilion and Stage support various activities, from informal social gatherings during the day to concerts on summer evenings.

To support adjacent businesses, a ceremonial Promenade runs the full length of the Square, connecting retailers and restaurants to the park with outdoor seating areas where parents can sit while watching their children play. The Grove serves as a unique “hub” and gathering area that links many of the program elements of the space. Landscaping is well thought out and provides ample edges, softness, and shading. The adjacent neighborhood is supported by an urban-style dog park, bringing neighbors and friends together through their pets.


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Landscape Architecture & Community Planning - Planning & Analysis Projects

Date of Completion

December, 2022

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BHDP Architecture | Human Nature

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