Community Pavilions and Observation Tower

2019 Winner – Building Architecture

Project Narrative

The City of Blue Ash bought a 130-acre site from the City of Cincinnati and converted the Blue Ash Airport into a regional park. The park was named Summit Park, due to its location, which has the highest elevation in Hamilton County.

The design includes community pavilion buildings, a large glass canopy, a multi-purpose platform stage, and a 185-feet-tall observation tower that has become a landmark for the community.

The stone planes of the community pavilion structures were angled towards the tower and stage area. The angle was also integrated in section for the glass canopy. These planar pavilions contain restaurants and community areas. The red stone planes were separated by glass and wood intersecting planes to create edge spaces and to emphasize separation of planar masses.

At the far end of the great lawn is a large platform designed to be a space for special events and serve as a stage platform. The planar buildings on either side of the area are pavilions used for multiple events.

The intention of the Observation Tower was to provide a different perspective of the surrounding area. The height of the tower was established to be able to see the Downtown Cincinnati skyline rise up against the Kentucky hillside in the distance. The tower has two viewing platforms. The perforated metal panels screening the stairs become more transparent as ascend to the top. The tower roof emulates the same angle as the glass canopy.


Project Details