Confidential Financial Services Client – Corporate Center Renovations

2020 Winner – Interior Architecture

Project Narrative

A confidential financial services client enlisted our firm to enhance the visitor and employee experience at their 1.75 million-SF Corporate Center in Columbus, OH. Included in Phase 1 of renovations was a new lobby, welcome center, café, and conference center.

To create a visual connection to the rest of the building and add adjacency to the welcome center, the lobby increased in size and allows for connections before security. Behind the lobby, the north café underwent an extensive renovation, including a much-improved food and dining experience with a focus on openness and transparency—allowing employees to see how food is made. Using flexible architecture, we collaboratively designed a large conference center allowing for meetings of up to 800 people.

Phase 2 included renovations to the 80,000-SF, quarter-mile long atrium as well as a new 25,000-SF employee commons. The challenge was to create a functional area with useful amenities and purposeful space for employee interactions while reflecting the client’s culture. The commons area consists of amenities that involve coffee, food, banking, gaming, and more. Our design created an elliptical layout to drive circulation and disrupt the static flow of the long atrium. At the center of the commons, to disrupt monotony and connect both floors, a monumental wood stair serves as a focal point. Multiple design pieces were installed at the four main stair tours along the atrium to create interest and a sense of place, all of which include a custom light graphic screen that reflects aspects of the brand.

Employees now have a


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