Court Street Improvements

Landscape Architecture & Community Planning – Implementation

Project Narrative

The Court Street corridor between Vine and Walnut Streets had become an “entertainment desert.” A parking lot surrounded by worn, unsafe pavement and high-vacancy buildings, the area offered no programmable space between Fountain Square and Washington Park and had little to attract residents or businesses. To catalyze economic development, 3CDC sought to transform the area into a safe, comfortable gathering place that would draw people from all walks of life.

3CDC envisioned a magnet for revitalization investment. A curbless design replaces the parking lot and its narrow sidewalks with a multi-use plaza suited for a rich variety of community events. With its location in the heart of a Central Business District neighborhood, the new festival street is an inviting space for residents and visitors alike.

The streetscape updates prioritize a safe, enjoyable walking environment to engage the whole neighborhood. Parking has been moved to the center, and cobbled crossing tables with planters calm traffic and define where to walk. Widened sidewalks—improved with permeable pavers—are lined with light poles, trees in silva cells, and fixed and movable seating. The environment invites foot traffic between the businesses lining the street. The design also incorporates paving materials, trench drains, and bands of truncated domes to further define and unify the corridor. To preserve ease of travel, vital two-way traffic has been maintained, and short-term, on-street parking provides essential access to businesses. A new adjacent parking lot, linked by a pleasant pocket park, more than replaces the parking removed from the street.

As a result of these project improvements, Court Street is now a vibrant, high-density, mixed-use environment framed by rejuvenated historic buildings, art features, and new structures. The revitalized streetscape has breathed new life into the corridor and $125 million in new residential and business investment has already been attracted to the area.


Project Details

Submission Category

Landscape Architecture & Community Planning – Implementation

Date of Completion

January, 2021