Decibel Korean Fried Chicken

Experiential Graphics- Small Scale (features or elements)

Project Narrative

Located along East McMillan Street on Paramount Square, Decibel Chicken is a small 250SF take-out space with a delivery window to their neighboring Esoteric Brewery.

The perimeter walls of the front-of-house space mimic flattened architectural motifs–a wainscoting graffiti mural lines the left and right walls united by a large arch incorporating the brand’s logo in the center. The graphic qualities of the mural bring the scale of the unusually small, yet tall room to human proportions.

Simple geometric shapes and a simplified color scheme were used to unite the disparate built elements scattered haphazardly throughout the small floor plan. A gridded tile order counter greets you upon entry, with an open space frame menu above–complete with a backlit menu inspired by 80s fast food iconography. A takeaway shelf to the left is united with the wall through the use of a simple graphic circle.. A merchandise wall to the right uses triangles and x’s and a stepladder color block to define space for t-shirts and hats to be sold. A gabled structure houses the soft drinks in the corner, proudly displaying the contents within.

The delivery window in Esoteric Brewery uses similar motifs found in the take out space next door. The bright yellow window encompasses by a circular graffiti mural stands alone as its on defined space in the brewery.

Though a small project with a small budget, the use of economic materials, simple palettes, 2D graphics incorporated to 3D architectural objects creates a dynamic space that reflects the playful and loud brand of Decibel Chicken. Taste the crunch.


Project Details

Submission Category

Experiential Graphics- Small Scale (features or elements)

Date of Completion

January, 2022

Submitting Firm Name

Team B Architecture & Design

Project Team

Landscape Architect

Ryan Back Photography


Team B Architecture & Design

Interior Designer

BS LLC (branding)

Environmental Designer

Alex Willig (muralist)


Team C (fabrication)


Commercial Construction Group