Divisions Maintenance Group

Interior Architecture- Large Scale (>5,000 sf)

Project Narrative

In response to the company’s growth, DMG partnered with our team to create a dynamic corporate headquarters. Their aim was to create a space that fosters an immersive environment, inspiring employees to work hard while embracing a vibrant work-life balance. The reimagined workspace spans three large floors and is over 100,000 square feet. With a team of over 650 individuals, the headquarters accommodates diverse work styles, tasks, and needs, seamlessly integrating collaborative areas and dedicated zones for focused work. The space features spacious training rooms that prioritize flexibility and adaptability. To amplify the company’s high-energy and ambitious culture, we strategically designed cafes throughout the office, each offering distinct styles of seating and vibes. These areas allow employees to choose the ambiance that best suits their current needs and preferences. Additionally, we placed conveniently located print and coffee stations near workstations to ensure easy accessibility. The result is a workplace that radiates the boldness, sharp energy, and intensity that define DMG’s work hard, play hard attitude.


Project Details

Submission Category

Interior Architecture- Large Scale (>5,000 sf)

Date of Completion

June, 2023