FC Cincinnati Training Center

Experiential Graphics- Large scale (environments or systems)

Project Narrative

The Mercy Health Training Center encapsulates the modern brand and forward-thinking spirit of FC Cincinnati. The environments within evoke physical and figurative movement and feature branded graphics showcasing pride for the club and city of Cincinnati.

The players’ experience was the primary focus. Each space in the interior was created to give rise to different emotions, depending on the function of the space. These spaces are intended to add value to the day of an elite athlete, focused on getting the best training experience. The brand elements for this club are used in a variety of methods: from established and direct approaches to unique re-interpretations. The team interacts with this brand constantly, so it was seen as essential to create an experience using the existing brand in unexpected ways.

In the lobby, the materials were inspired directly from the architectural finishes, to create a uniformly elegant and cohesive entry. Dynamic typographic elements telling the story of the club line corridors, while guiding players towards a branded lenticular wall. The lenticular element exhibits the duality of the brand itself and creates two distinctly different visual experiences. The locker room was designed to encourage camaraderie and energize the group. The training area and player lounge feature subtle soccer pitch lines and industrial materials. A modern and abstract interpretation of a map of MLS clubs is featured in the lobby of the second-floor reception, showing the impact of this club and league in the country.


Project Details

Submission Category

Experiential Graphics- Large scale (environments or systems)

Date of Completion

May, 2020