Fort Thomas Community Plan

2019 Winner – Interdisciplinary

Project Narrative

The City of Fort Thomas, recognizing the need for updates to both the City-Wide Parks & Recreation Plan and the Comprehensive Plan, created an opportunity for the local community to work together with the City Council and City Staff in an effort to create a multi-chapter coordinated Community Plan. All members of the community were invited to participate in committees that reviewed existing conditions, discussed issues to be addressed, defined goals and policies, determined strategies and steps to achieve the goals, and formulated a plan that reflects the goals and aspirations of the community. The Community Plan is divided into 6 Chapters, each of which has been assigned a committee. The Land Use & Zoning Plan Committee, The Transportation & Connectivity Plan Committee, The Parks & Open Space Plan Committee, The Utilities & City Owned Facilities Committee, The Regional Partnerships & Collaboration Committee, and the Funding and Implementation Committee. This Community Plan, adopted by the Fort Thomas Planning Commission on December 19, 2018, is the City’s official Comprehensive Plan. It is a guiding policy document for use by the City’s decision makers - elected officials, appointed board and commission members and City administration - when addressing growth and development issues, public expenditures and programming, and by residents and developers. It is a comprehensive document that outlines the vision of the future of Fort Thomas, with strategies, key action steps and funding recommendations to achieve the vision.


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Fort Thomas, Kentucky, United States

Date of Completion

October 2018


City of Fort Thomas

Design Firm(s)

CT Consultants

Human Nature

Project Team

Frank Twehues, Kristin Hopkins, Emily Bills, Mark Brueggemann, Robert Seitzinger, Chris Manning, Sara DiLandro