The Greenway at Dry Creek

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Project Narrative

In the diverse and challenging terrain of the City of Erlanger, the design team embarked on a process to design a one-of-a-kind open space corridor—The Greenway at Dry Creek. This endeavor involved rigorous planning and methodical analysis, focusing on maximizing the potential of the unique landscape while addressing pressing environmental and infrastructural challenges, ranging from steep topography and stream erosion to diverse land uses and traffic conditions.

Positioned within a rich, forested ravine linked to Dry Creek and the Ohio River, the proposed park is surrounded by multiple land uses, receiving stormwater runoff from varied sources including corporate parks, interstates, and residential and commercial zones. The site is a reservoir of biodiversity with native and invasive plant life, mature and emerging forests, and several waterfalls intertwined with urban constructs like overhead utilities and storm and sewer structures.

The project vision was to conceive a community centerpiece unrivaled in the region, leveraging the natural bounty of the site and weaving strong connections with the surrounding community. Project goals included creating a blend of pathways allowing unique interactions with the valley and stream and fostering exploration. A Greenway was conceptualized to link pivotal locations within Erlanger to other nearby assets and existing and proposed trail systems through diverse transportation modes, reinforcing connectivity. The project was focused on green infrastructure and collaborative initiatives to enhance water quality. The project recommended the development of a gallery of nature-inspired features emphasizing environmental education and recreation. Inspired by this vision, the client is dedicated to securing supplemental funding through partnerships.

The project objectives resonated with the community by celebrating the uniqueness of the locale, fortifying Erlanger’s architectural identity, positioning the park as a beacon for Northern Kentucky, and promoting environmental health and education. The master plan illustrates seamless connectivity while creating a haven for leisure and exploration and emphasizing the imperative of environmental stewardship.

The project will feature an iconic shelter/event space that will be visible from I-275, a canopy boardwalk allowing immersive experiences among the tree canopies, multi-use paths to foster connectivity, and nature-inspired overlooks and decks. Each element is meticulously designed to echo the holistic and integrative approach of our planning and analysis, offering varied, dynamic destinations and experiences for visitors.

In conclusion, this project is a testament to transformative landscape architecture, where meticulous planning and insightful analysis converge to create spaces that are inclusive, resilient, and harmonious, contributing to a revitalized and interconnected Erlanger.


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Landscape Architecture & Community Planning - Planning & Analysis Projects

Date of Completion

June, 2023