JP Morgan Chase Workplace Branding

Experiential Graphics- Large scale (environments or systems)

Project Narrative

We were given the opportunity to evolve how JPMorgan Chase & Co. brands their workplace. The Dallas campus fosters a creative, inclusive environment that values employees’ well-being. Building upon the architect’s execution of this idea, we were engaged to layer on the environmental graphics & signage that would bring the overall vision to life.
JPMC is a legacy brand that has impacted American & world history for over 200 years. They trace their roots back to the Hamilton Burr duel, they have financed an endless number of modern marvels from the railroads & flight to public water and electricity, & even Abraham Lincoln was a customer. It is stories such as these that needed to be told so that employees feel a part of something greater than themselves. Our proposal to the client was that, when it comes to storytelling, where they have been is equally important as where they are going.
For the typical work floors we developed a message strategy that located JPMC’s heritage at its core and more colorful local culture in the work areas. Stretching over 12 floors, our approach sought to unify the workforce by creating connective threads. Neighborhood theming, color coding, clear wayfinding and landmarks knit the floor together, while sharable heritage stories helped to create a same, but different environment for each floor.
The amenities areas added a little whimsy. The chase herd feature is comprised of origami cows representing JPMC’s presence in the DFW area. Weather it’s playful meeting room graphics or historic facts, employees always have something meaningful to discover


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Experiential Graphics- Large scale (environments or systems)

Date of Completion

June, 2021

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Reztark Design Studio

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