Mercy Health Training Center – FC Cincinnati

Experiential Graphics- Large scale (environments or systems)

Project Narrative

Inspired by the concept of the Club, the interior concept utilized ideas of fast-paced, high action, and ignited passion into spatial concepts bringing the mission of the Club to life within the built environment. The design utilized streaks of light and blurs of motion to call to mind the fast-paced nature of Soccer. The angular and overlapping forms that jump and dive throughout the space speak to the high action movement of the game. Finally, the bold graphics and sense of place / community pride in the built environment ignite passion.

Each space in the interior gives rise to different emotions depending on the function of the space. Intentional spaces add value to the typical day of an elite athlete, focusing on ensuring the players have the best possible training experience. Branding elements used throughout vary in method, from established and direct approaches to unique re-interpretations. Unexpected and inspired branding throughout the space compliments the spirit of the team.


Project Details

Submission Category

Experiential Graphics- Large scale (environments or systems)

Date of Completion

February, 2021

Submitting Firm Name

MSA Sport

Project Team

Environmental Designer

Chelsea Sanders