Moothart Residence

Building Architecture- Small Scale (<10,000 sf)

Project Narrative

The Moothart Residence is a deep energy retrofit and contemporary renovation of an 1895 home. The design utilizes Passive House principles to achieve Net Zero Energy and LEED Platinum certification. The design also uses these passive strategies as aesthetic opportunities, seeking a visual expression of the sustainable interventions, and celebrating the juxtaposition between historic and contemporary materials.

The home is wrapped in rigid insulation and re-clad. The new cladding peels back at the corners, expressing its applied nature. The home’s elemental form, with eaves removed, expresses its unbroken thermal enclosure. Aluminum sun shades on the east and west are both aesthetic and passive interventions. On the interior, a crisp, contemporary kitchen sits next to an exposed brick wall. The stair to the renovated attic celebrates an original plaster wall. These elements infuse the project with a sense of timefullness–a connection to what came before, and what comes next.

The home achieved an 86% reduction in energy use compared to a standard baseline, through insulation, air-tightness, upgraded windows, and high-efficiency all-electric mechanical systems. A 7.6 kW solar array produces 15% more energy than the home uses–enough to power the owner’s electric vehicle and send extra to the grid.

A deeply collaborative construction process helped to train the contractor and construction trades in deep energy retrofits, air sealing, and electrification. Thus the home both demonstrates the effectiveness of, and helps build capacity for, similar retrofits in the future.


Project Details

Submission Category

Building Architecture- Small Scale (<10,000 sf)

Date of Completion

December, 2021

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Sol design + consulting

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Sol design + consulting


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