Interior Architecture- Small Scale (<5,000 sf)

Project Narrative

MUJO is a design and photography studio with a client list that includes some of the most prestigious brands in the beauty industry. When MUJO was preparing to relocate from their previous office downtown to a first-floor former art gallery on 8th street, it was an opportunity not only to level up in terms of design and aesthetics but increase efficiencies and organization in every way.

The studio needed to be a chameleon with the ability to transform from a highly active environment full of people during a photoshoot, to a calm oasis where the small creative team can focus and collaborate without distractions. Extensive programming studies and custom storage design led to the creation of a space that feels clean and minimal. Truly every object has a home where it is accessible as needed but hidden from view. The warmth comes from the natural wood tone of the floor, the use of neutral textiles, and the control of natural light that filters through a custom gradient film installed on every window.

One challenge was keeping the entire floor open to support the level of flexibility required for a full-scale photography studio. Islands of millwork replace walls to create zones defined by function rather than enclosed rooms. Custom bleacher steps were built behind a dramatic curtain to create a meeting space that converts from a focal point of the room to a private escape. Lighting was also used to define zones. Bold pendants in unique geometric forms highlight the procession of spaces from reception, to office, to dining, to lounge, throughout the open studio.


Project Details

Submission Category

Interior Architecture- Small Scale (<5,000 sf)

Date of Completion

January, 2021

Submitting Firm Name

Guilfoil & Wulfson

Project Team


Kyle Stookey


Tim Spanagel