Silverton Town Commons

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Project Narrative

Silverton Town Commons is a small park in the heart of downtown Silverton that will provide the community with a flexible outdoor venue for events, play, and relaxation as well as support local businesses by providing outdoor seating and entertainment. The park was designed to be an inclusive gathering space that embraces the diversity of Silverton and serves as a gateway to the downtown redevelopment area.
The north side of the park is framed by the Women Writing For a Change building which is decorated with a beautiful mural that serves as the backdrop for the park. To the southwest is the intersection of Montgomery Road and Plainfield Road, which will be separated from the park by a landscape buffer consisting of a berm and colorful plantings.
Silverton Town Commons provides passive and active outdoor recreation opportunities by dividing the park into programmed zones. In the middle of the park is a central seating area with tables, chairs, and benches to create a passive resting space where groups may gather, and visitors can observe the rest of the park. To the south of the seating area is a community lawn that stretches to the top of the buffer berm; boulders and turf mounds located throughout the lawn create a landscape-based play area for children. North of the seating area is a game plaza with permanent corn hole and ping pong table installations, creating fun for all ages. Surrounding these programmed spaces are colorful and hardy plantings that make the park a beautiful, aesthetic addition to the Silverton downtown area.
The design was brought to life by creating an extensive computer-rendered 3D model. The rendered perspectives show the proposed improvements as if you were walking through the park. These perspectives helped to raise awareness of the plan and garner community support, promote economic development on the Village’s website, and helped successfully gain funding.


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Landscape Architecture & Community Planning - Planning & Analysis Projects

Date of Completion

November, 2021