Supplyframe x Siemens Electronica

Experiential Graphics- Large scale (environments or systems)

Project Narrative

Electronica is the world’s leading trade show and conference for electronics. It takes place biannually in Germany and is an opportunity for companies like our California-based client, Supplyframe, to connect with a global audience. As a software company approaching its 20-year anniversary and having recently been acquired by tech giant, Siemens, Supplyframe had a particularly important story to tell in 2022.

The project had three goals. First: cut through the chaos of an expansive exposition floor; create a breath of fresh air in a sea of noise. Second: bring LA to Munich with warm minimal design and a relaxed, hospitality-driven approach. Third: celebrate history as well as the future, including acknowledging the Siemens acquisition in a substantial way.

INDIO was tasked with designing every touchpoint of the experience, beginning with the architecture and layout of the booth, all the way down to every digital, physical, and printed graphic. The experience begins by stepping up on a platform, instantly transporting visitors to a new level. From there, guests walk down an aisle of mirrored pillars, a timeline telling the story of Supplyframe from a startup to an industry-leading global company. The focal point of the booth is a large staircase that doubles as seating for social gathering, leading up to a “floating” illuminated mezzanine and private meeting area inspired by an iconic Siemens trade show booth from 1951.

Below the mez, a copper bar sends a message of hospitality. Every vantage point and surface was considered from the green roof which is only visible from the mezzanine to the digital ticker chasing around the podcast-recording rooms. The whole booth, filled with plants, soft seating, integrated demo areas, and a delicate balance of screens and analog content, was designed to engage without overwhelming, not to say “we’re here to make a sale” but “we’re here to get to know you– to make an authentic connection”.


Project Details

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Experiential Graphics- Large scale (environments or systems)

Date of Completion

November, 2022

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Project Team


Alex Gormley, INDIO

Interior Designer

Cassie Thomas, INDIO