The Humane Environmental Bridge: Celebrating the Natural Essence of Migration

Landscape Architecture & Community Planning – Implementation

Project Narrative


Inspired by the inherent beauty and cyclical nature of migration, the design of this bridge and its surrounding park system aims to redefine the notion of human migration by drawing parallels between the migratory paths of the monarch butterfly and nomadic human circulation. The curves, patterns, and rhythms that emerge from these migration routes are translated into the shape of the bridge and the network of paths within the raised and surrounding parks, creating a harmonious blend of human-made and natural elements.

This space serves as a physical manifestation of unity, compassion, and shared experiences as well as a catalyst for reflection- encouraging individuals to contemplate the diverse journeys undertaken throughout history by both humans and animals alike. By intertwining these narratives, the project promotes a deeper understanding and appreciation for the shared essence of migration; working to destigmatize the US- Mexico border through the elimination of barriers and prejudices that have
traditionally marked national borders. In short, by honoring the interconnectedness of these ideas, the project celebrates the beauty of diversity and seeks to bridge not only physical distances but cultural and historical gaps.

Why Del Rio and Ciudad Acuna?:

The Del Rio - Ciudad Acuna area, like many places along the Rio Grande, has recently become a critical habitat zone for insects, animals, and flora alike. The border wall and lack of upkeep along the river has led to the disruption of migration patterns and
deterioration of natural ecosystems. By creating a series of natural, public spaces to
connect humans to this cross-species issue, adding restorative flora, and providing new opportunities for animal migration, this struggling environment can begin to flourish again in both human and animal spheres of living.

Development of Pathways and Migration Corridors:

Pathways around the cross-border bridge aim to harmoniously blend two contrasting
organizations derived from relevant characteristics of the site. The straight paths drawn from the organization of existing man-made pathways in Del Rio and Ciudad Acuna intertwine with more fluid, organic pathways directly derived from the migration patterns of the monarch butterfly.


Project Details

Submission Category

Landscape Architecture & Community Planning – Implementation

Date of Completion

May, 2022