The Pitch Cincy Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture- Small Scale (<5,000 sf)

Project Narrative

The Pitch is the result of a revival of a historic church building in a growing part of downtown Cincinnati. The existing exterior historic features and maintaining the character of the original details made this space captivating. Opening the front with large garage style doors of the that engages passersby created a bright, bustling atmosphere inside. A second story roof deck capitalizes on the view of the new TQL stadium right across the street and the addition of a back patio space is a platform for local restauranteurs to showcase their cuisine through food trucks. Inside, the first and second floors were connected via a large break in the floor between them. Located directly above the expansive first floor bar, an atrium creates the ultimate viewing party, with floor-to-ceiling TVs. Retro-inspired patterns create a matchless tension between former and new. Repurposed church pew end caps create a beautiful hand-carved bar façade, underscored with a neon yellow foot rail. All sports are celebrated here and all local teams are represented. The blue and orange floor tile for the FC Cincinnati, red bar stools for our Red Legs, and a glowing orange staircase nods to the Bengals. The design team installed multi-directional turf on the ceilings, creating a field affect that is both quirky and yet natural in this setting. A focal wall made up of sports memorabilia creates conversation and tells the stories of local sports team—from their glory days to now.

Speciality Awards

Community Impact

The Pitch is in a prime location directly across from the new Futbol Club Cincinnati stadium. On the city’s west end, it lends itself to be the ideal place for all sports fanatics. We transformed this historic building into a two-level sports bar with an eventual rooftop terrace, where residents and visitors can appreciate the atmosphere of matches, even from outside of the stadium. Working alongside of neighboring restaurants and communities, The Pitch transformed into a space relatable to all Cincinnatians. Establishing a space where locals can root on a local team together creates an environment and lasting impression like none other.

Historic Preservation

Beginning as a church, The Pitch was transformed into a local hub for FC futbol enthusiasts and Cincinnati residents to admire and experience. When evaluating the historic significance and individuality of the space, it was essential to create an outcome that could transmit to forthcoming generations and any ages. With unique and original features reclaimed and saved throughout the space, such as all original window features and original church pews, The Pitch was transformed to maintain a strong impression to Cincinnati residents and visiting guests.


Understanding the historic nature of the existing building, we were able to delicately coordinate the new structural, MEP, technology, AV, bar equipment, and the architectural challenges posed. Knowing that this design would be integrated within a larger future development, we designed the building for vertical circulation for future rooftop access. Also, much of the team coordination was around the expansive TV wall and turf ceilings. Precise measures and structural coordination was important to the opening site for full visibility. Within the existing floor systems and select chases we were able to route MEP and bar lines to minimize disruption in the turf ceiling.

Innovation in Design

Creating a stadium-like attitude within the Pitch was the main objective for this project. Utilizing authentic sports turf on the first floor ceiling creates instantaneous curiosity to fans who walk through the door. Maintaining the reuse of current materials, and with originality in mind, we used existing pews for the front of the 1st floor bar. With custom tile patterns and class A fire rated ceiling turf for the ultimate “playing field” experience. The project included a 25' hole to connect the first and second floor, allowing for an immersive sport watching experience. The walls and stairwells are painted with bright, sport like shades and hues for the ultimate Instagram selfie.

Project Details

Submission Category

Interior Architecture- Small Scale (<5,000 sf)

Date of Completion

April, 2021