The Procter & Gamble Company Office Renovations

2019 Winner – Interior Architecture

Project Narrative

The Procter & Gamble Company needed significant renovations to many spaces in their General Offices located in Cincinnati, OH. The design team stepped in to take on each space and its unique challenges. With the overarching vision to create spaces that are modern, tailored to employee needs, and encourages collaboration and healthy lifestyles, the design team renovated the executive floor to create a learning center, relocated the fitness center, created a Synchronization Lab and Café, and renovated the Beauty floor and Fabric and Home Care floors.

Café 1837 was created on Main Street to increase traffic flow and provide a space where employees can have impromptu meetings and quickly grab a bite to eat or drink. The aesthetic of the space creates a unique identity to the campus and links to P&G’s heritage. Additionally, the design team created a revolutionary Synchronization Lab to use as a more interactive, innovative presentation space.

The renovations of the Beauty and Fabric and Home Care floors brought staff from each team onto the same floors to help increase collaboration and to improve work flow efficiencies. Each department’s brands are highlighted through the spaces with unique displays of products and graphics. Open layouts, non-traditional seating, collaboration spaces, and huddle rooms were incorporated to encourage interaction and innovation among employees. Lounge and amenity spaces were placed in the center of each floor with soft seating to provide a choice in work settings. Designers turned outdated spaces into branded, energizing environments that provide greater flexibility in workstyle and a choice in additional workspaces for employees.


Project Details