Tokyo Kitty

2019 Winner – Interior Architecture

Project Narrative

“Now boarding the 9:30 non-stop flight from Cincinnati to Tokyo.”
“Hope you’ve had enough to drink. It’s going to take courage.”
Tokyo Kitty is a one of a kind, experience driven, Japanese-style karaoke bar that immerses guests in the sense-stimulating culture of Tokyo where the lines between fantasy and reality blur. Where memories are painted neon. Where singing + dancing is curated, and where everyone’s inner extrovert comes out to play.
The experience begins as guests arrive at a sleek, minimalist concourse after clearing airport security, and grabbing a pre-flight Kumamon cocktail. When it’s time to board, passengers enter “the teleporter”, an entirely mirror infinity room, which instantly transplants them from the streets of Cincinnati to a neo-futurist vision of Tokyo. Robots and neon flash over head, as any wannabe rock-star belts out a lively, version of their favorite song.
For those guests wanting a further cultivated experience, rental able karaoke pods are available to accommodate different sized groups. An eclectic host leads guests down a jagged corridor reminiscent of a back-alley, and into one of the seven uniquely themed karaoke pods. These pods where designed to become karaoke machines, built to provide a tailored user experience capped off with full bar service delivered by robot.
Tokyo kitty is a full force, brand experience. An anti-space, where architecture, graphics, and cocktails, produce a futurist vision that will not let you forget it, but will let you forget yourself.


Project Details

Project Team


Cincinnati, OH, USA

Date of Completion

Spring 2018


Gorilla Cinema Presents

Design Firm(s)

drawing dept

Project Team

Ron Novak, Alex Gormley, Alex Dever


Ross Van Pelt