Urban Campsite – BLINK 2019

2019 Winner – Experimental Graphics

Project Narrative

BLINK is one of the most significant light, art, and projection mapping events in the nation and transformed the region into an outdoor art museum for four days in 2019 filled with large-scale projection mapping installations, murals, and immersive art experiences.

The "URBAN CAMPSITE" concept was born out of our "LAB" through a creative collective made up of volunteers, artists, design thinkers, strategists, architects, interior, graphic, and industrial designers all working together to create an urban oasis amidst the activities of the festival. This collaborative structure directly involved the client throughout the ideation, brainstorming, research, conceptual development, and prototyping.

An oversized "fire pit" created the focal point for our immersive experience - framed with light-filled fabric panels complete with "smoke"! A spectrum of different colored lights filled the interactive light tents for shadow play for young and old. In addition, a rainbow of lights uplit the trees - celebrating our city's commitment to equality. Suspended glowing canoes became giant lanterns representing the site's connection to the river and the unique recreation of the region.

Amidst the intensity of 1.5 million attendees filling the streets, visitors could grab some campfire grub, pull up a log, listen to the sounds of the chirping crickets and crackling fire while taking in a breath of fresh air… transporting you from the bustling urban core of Cincinnati to the great outdoors.


Project Details