Urban Escape – a step towards healthier living

Landscape Architecture & Community Planning – Implementation

Project Narrative

NarrativeUrban Escape is a project focused on today's need for increasing green spaces in urban environments, which would benefit physical health and serve as a space that would help nurture the mental health of communities living in a city's fast-paced life. This phase of the Crown Trail program presents a unique opportunity to discover how we can implement a better functioning trail system and how this can be a retreat in the noisy life of a city. While this design might focus on human mental health as a landscape architect, it is also essential to consider the existing natural services on the site. Hence, the project will also help create a better environment for the wildlife habitat, which will benefit the ecology's future.

The project is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the city and community health. The project will promote bike paths and encourage the community to be active. The site will offer an excellent opportunity to educate the community about the Wasson Way railroad and how this project benefits their health. A dedicated space for the activity will encourage social activities for people coming together to work out or interact. This will help build a sense of community, inspiring the residents to host volunteering opportunities for the project. To finalize, the aim is to provide a model that can be replicated in other urban areas.


Project Details

Submission Category

Landscape Architecture & Community Planning – Implementation

Date of Completion

December, 2022