Xavier University Klekamp Family Training Center

Building Architecture- Large Scale (>10,000 sf)

Project Narrative

Xavier University opened the Cintas Center in 2000 to create a facility that would house sports, student services, and conference and meeting areas. As a top National men’s Basketball program, there is a strong need on campus to stay relevant and competitive. Initially, practice space was limited to a single gym area, but was shared with all sports programs. To be able to meet competitive goals and to have a facility that would attract top recruits, the University decided to construct a new practice facility.

The original building is a steel frame with solid precast cladding and minimal openings. Simply a very functional container for the performance housed inside. The new facility emerged as an opportunity to create an iconic element to the north side of the Cintas Center with a high level of transparency that would contrast with the existing concrete box and showcase the high profile athletic program inside.

The “X-Box”, is that. A glass and concrete box.

One of the opportunities for the large glass facade was its orientation to the north where limited sun could interfere with practice. Extensive sun studies were done and revealed the specific locations and times where sun could be a potential problem. A series of independent, vertical, perforated metal fins were attached to all glass areas and positioned at angles where the sun issues were mitigated.

These fins are also used as reflective brand elements creating a dynamic façade at night.

The new facility was elevated above the adjacent parking lot to connect directly to the player training level and provide exterior views to the trees beyond. The result is a feeling of being the air and playing in the park.

The resulting angular gaps between the older structure and the box allowed for the needed additional training areas.


Project Details

Submission Category

Building Architecture- Large Scale (>10,000 sf)

Date of Completion

March, 2023

Submitting Firm Name

MSA Sport

Project Cost


Project Team


Bill Baker, Chris Bujnak

Interior Designer

Sarah Eingle, Tali Bloomfield

Environmental Designer

Chelsea Sanders


Alex Spencer